A First

These past two months have been nothing short of incredible.

Incredibly exciting.

Incredibly exhausting.

Incredibly challenging.

Incredibly rewarding.

I left my full time job in the marketing department of a corporate law firm in downtown Toronto for the beginnings of a freelance career in costuming for film at the end of June with little more than a small, humid studio space and an indie feature film about to begin filming.

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Thermochromic Screen Printing Workshop

On May 9th, I had the privilege to attend a captivating workshop hosted by Action Potential Lab on screen printing with new thermochromic dyes at the Design Echange, called DX Mastercraft: DIY Colour Changing Screen Printing.

The workshop began with a basic screen printing tutorial for beginners, not including the initial stages of creating the design on the screen to be printed. What was special about this workshop was the dyes that were used on the fabric - thermochromic dyes, or paints that react to heat by changing colours.

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New Bones

It might not seem like much, but for the past nine years I have been working out of bedrooms, kitchens, basements, parking lots and dumpsters. Recently, I joined Akin Collective renting a studio space for some portfolio building and small projects. It’s been a gradual start, and although this location is temporary, it’s starting to feel familiar and comforting. In a couple of weeks, the artists here will be relocating to different Akin locations across the city - I will be moving to an older space that will feel more industrial - and I can’t wait.

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