About Janneke

Janneke is a multi-disciplinary artist and costume designer from Toronto. She works in the city as a freelance costume designer for film and theatre.

Her recent costuming credits include: Costume Designer for A Daughter’s Ordeal (feature film, 2019), White Elephant (feature film, 2019), The Queen's Eulogy (the orchid beauty shop at Toronto Fringe, 2018), Wardrobe Assistant for Cardi B (Veld - Toronto, 2019) and Taylor Swift (Reputation Tour - Toronto, 2018), and Head of Wardrobe for Faust (Theatre by the Bay, 2016) and Arranged Marriage (Ryerson School of Performance, 2016). She has also previously been the Wardrobe Director for various other productions and festivals for Newborn Theatre and the Toronto Fringe Festival.


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